Blood Donation =)

25 02 2010

First ever blood donating experience… is nothing but a non-stop action packed sequence! The criteria is simple, you just have to be above 18 of age, healthy, having taken a proper meal (Take bread and you shall be kicked out of the line like what they did to me=), have at least 5 hours of sleep, not menstruating, AND weigh above the min weight of 45kg (which I have FAR exceeded, gladly) I like this last rule. It makes heavy people feel proud of their weight at least for once in their lifetime.

After a minor test for blood count, I think… because one friend of mine failed that test and is ineligible to proceed due to low haemoglobin count (the solution of blood with some quirky blue solvent floated. The normal will sink through a sheet of some paper-ish board when swirled.)

Anyway, the climax of it all was during the actual drawing of blood into those bags. And the entire process was such a joy to watch. First, the nurse will check for one vein to become the poor victim of prodding and when it comes to sight due to high pressure being applied on the upper arm, she marks it with a prick. She then proceeds with the insertion of a huge needle (it isn’t that huge, since this one a half inch metal went through and well under my skin without me feeling any pain, but you could feel it penetrating and making its way along your vein’s passage.) that is connected to a delivery tube which in turn delivers your blood to the 1 pint blood bag, which looks like this:

One moment you are lying down comfortably in a position fit for the sunny beaches of California, grasping and releasing your fingers repeatedly throughout the duration with the blood bag conveniently hidden from your sight as you fail to feel blood being drawn out. And the next, when you bend down to take a peek at the blood bag, thinking how much longer is it going to take to fill such a large bag up, it’s already filled full and looks as fat as you.

So, that was it. The most comfortable and easiest way of contribution to save lives, and the best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger to do it (you just need to move five).




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