Voluntary Work at the National Zoo

6 02 2010

What a bargain! Today made me a happy child all over again! Why wouldn’t it when you get absolutely FREE entrance tickets just by having this “Zoo Negara – Volunteer Workers” glued to your left sleeve, and of course, some simple, no-sweat sweeping of fallen leaves and unclogging of drains soiled with giraffes’ perfectly cute and round (the size of grapes =) poop?

We went there by bus, setting off from MAIS and arriving in about an hour’s time, pumped through the ears with the blaring of Rihanna and the Pussycat Dolls for the entire journey. Man, that was torturous… Completely unbearable if I weren’t to plug my ears with tissue stuffings. =P Thank God.

Upon our arrival, we were divided into many, many little groups of either 3 or 4, whereby each was in charge of different animals for the entire day. We cleaned up their homes and even got to feed the elephants and the giraffes for FREE! A sugar cane stick about 2 feet long costs RM3 and so does the stalk of leaves… to visitors that is. =) The sole male, Triang alone snapped up a whole wheelbarrow-full of sugarcanes, while the other two females got nothing. Male-superiority complex >_<

Triang =) (above)

Those two weird females (below)

A few stroke lucky for getting to feed the reptiles, Giant Tortoises and several lazy crocodiles inclusive. Those who were assigned to care for the birds, cleaned up approximately 12 large cages and received wages in terms of fallen feathers.

Wrapping up the day, the bus trip back was pleasing enough. As we said our goodbyes to the thriving zoo…(Yes, there are visitors round the clock, each fleeced and blood-sucked dry.. Nah, kidding. It is necessary for the zoo’s maintenance.), I can’t help but think, what a great outing! Volunteering in a zoo must be one of the best experiences, for trust me, you’ll get passes to the usually prohibited areas, plus feeding animals for FREE! And the caretakers there are really friendly. But it would have been an excruciatingly boring job facing the same old animals day in day out.. poor them. One of them, (Ish. I forgot to get his name.) as we were thanking him and making our way to the exit, calling it a day off, he told us to come by again when we became doctors. There was a slight change in his expression, from looking serious to a notch more serious plus a tinge of sadness, as he briefly mumbled that he should have studied hard when his mother told him to, but he wouldn’t and ended up here… T_T

What a great day!

Standing ovation =P




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