Another Year… Happy Birthday, Jae.

25 01 2010

Last year, I uploaded a video I made entitled Year 2023 on Youtube as both Gill’s and Jae’s birthday drew near. But this year, I have…. nothing. Yeah, last year was sweet and the memory of it alone is enough to bring tears to my eyes. How I have made full use of my time post-SPM, I will always cherish, for throughout that duration, I wrote to my heart’s content, devoted myself to painting, spent tireless times with Photoshop and successfully created videos of my own. Though these may mean nothing to others but to me, they are my achievements, and the best of all, I enjoyed every second of what I was doing then.

PS. Scoring a string of A1s in SPM is to me NOT an achievement, and so is securing  this JPA scholarship to pursue medicine. I’m not being ungrateful, and I feel really blessed… but thinking of all these sometimes, my heart just cries out. Pray let me get through this.




One response

7 02 2010

the most inportant thing in life is be happy always and enjoy every minute of your precious time to do what you want to do and do it well to enjoy the satisfaction in whatever we do and no regrets in whatever we intend to do. Be happy and to know that your family will always support you in whatever you do. Love you always.

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