Happy New Year…

1 01 2010

It has been a while since I last posted. ^_^ I truly apologize for my total lack of commitment in updating my blog… There’s just too much going on and merely finding time to relax proved to be a challenge even.

Year 2010 is just another new year like any other… people go for countdowns just like in the years before, or stay at home and watch TV just like in 2009. But this year brings a completely different wave of emotion, or rather, the lack of it. Forced to stay in MAIS, Shah Alam where everywhere within hundreds of meters away was bleak and dull with no signs of an approaching New Year mood, without the usual sight of amah sleeping soundly in her room, without the noises coming from the idiot box always made available by daddy, without mum, and without Fatty to squabble with… I cannot believe I am now greeting the New Year with uncontrollable tears. I fought back, but I just couldn’t help it… Sorry, for not being there. Happy New Year… Happy New Year…




One response

3 01 2010

whatever it is we alwavs luv you no matter where you aa
& where you be happy new year 2010 Be happy & think of all the good things in live

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