17 12 2009

The anticipation is killing me! The new single by Tohoshinki, Break Out is releasing on January and believe it or not, I’ve pre-ordered mine from CD-Japan. I’ve contributed my share into the Oricon Chart’s count… for the first time ever! (Million thank yous to my mum, dad and brother!=) Go, DBSK! Cassies (+ their families too) will support you all the way!

Looking super HOT…

CD version (The one I’ll be having in my arms soon!)

CD+DVD version

Pardon my bias, but JJ is smoking hot here…




2 responses

17 12 2009

Aiya! Shud hv bought d CD+DVD version. Can see Yunho HANDSOME face clearer. Too bad! Nvm lah. So fast u got d VHQ covershoot d! So clear. Someone commented YC’s hair similar to Dragon Ball Z’s hair style. Haha! Anyway, I think JJ and YH look d best in both pictures (yunjae bias)!

19 12 2009

hehe! eh but I’m regretting it now…the other track aside from Break Out is Xiahtic! I thought it’s gonna be Toki wo Tomete… *cries*

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