[Pic] First Attempt

12 12 2009

Today, I bought a pair of drumsticks, some mushrooms and a few tomatoes from the Saturday market downstairs…and cooked chicken soup with garlic! And the most important credit of all should go to the Philips’ induction cooker, for the previous time I cooked this, I’ve used the slow cooker and it had taken practically forever… =P

And thus, my first attempt cooking two proper dishes with the induction cooker:

Kang kung =]

v^~^v  Yeah!




2 responses

14 12 2009

D 2 dishes looks ok, kinda delicious! Ur soup looks abit ‘lo’ ie.not clear. For the clear effect, cook on slow heat (ie.simmer rather den boil). Not bad at all for 1st timer! At least u r eating sumting u neo wats in it! Haha!

17 12 2009

OH! ok ok. Next time I’ll try! But the soup isn’t actually this colour..it’s my stupid BenQ camera’s fault. =)

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