[Pic] Drawing of A Dog

20 10 2009

091019 Drawing of a Dog (5)

This was what I did on the 19th of Oct, Monday… I feel depressed, but not really much so.

Plus, these days, I’ve started a vocabulary enhancement dictionary, which I hope to add in new words everyday to expand it… but I was too preoccupied with watching movies so the progress seems to be stalled for the moment.

Movies I have watched for the past few weeks through my notebook:
1. Cars
2. The Orphan – wasn’t bad, wasn’t good either
3. The Other Boleyn Girl
4. Aeon Flux – awesome costume design but a rather lame plot… Unforgettable action scenes and effects as well.
5. Perfume. Story of A Murderer. – The best of them all! The literacy and the way the story is conveyed is such a classic. Its depth is very very intriguing and thought-stimulating, something you would find hard to find in the sea of movies around.
5. A Millionaire’s First Love (Kor)




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