Post-Exam Outings and Blunders

16 09 2009

Sunday, 13th September 2009

Since I’ve had a gruesome week, drilling and ‘dejuicing’ my poor brain, which wasn’t very full to begin with (Damn those exams! I’ll keep my mouth shut about the details…), I hung out with my bro and his little panda at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya! We did some shopping and watched District 9, produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neill Blomkamp. The effects weren’t anything much to boast about, neither were some of the scenes, but the fact that the message this one-of-a-kind movie carries amongst all the chaos leaves a very deep impact. Go and watch it, and when you come out from the screens, you’ll definitely be downright disgusted with, not the aliens mind you, but us humans. District 9 is inarguably one of the best movies ever.

DIST9_WldPst_27x40_4District 9photo_09_hiresphoto_02_hires

^See the irony? (Maybe not, if you haven’t watched it…)

On a side note, in terms of sound system and comfort, the Golden Screen Cinemas wins TGV hands down. *gets shot by TGV shareholders*

Message for my bro: Thanks for the wonderful outing! And don’t forget to practise on Dexter ok!

Monday, 14th September 2009

Lab sessions were on as usual, and were still as horrible as usual, especially Chemistry (the lab assistant prepared us the wrong solution and for every qualitative analysis test carried out on it, we got negative results. So we wrote on our reports that there were no ions present =P My lecturer will surely fail me if she read that. Of course I was just joking. We got a fresh solution after.)

Next on our agenda is to One Utama. (Two shopping malls in a row within two days!) I get to take four different public transportations in just this ONE trip to One-U: the Rapid bus, the taxi, the LRT and the KTM. What an experience… Plus, did I mention that I refilled my Coke from McD thrice? Four cups of carbon dioxide gas and sugar… the road to Carrot’s early death.

Also, together with a friend, the both of us made the biggest blunder of pushing through the sidedoor when there is a main automated sliding door beside (which I somehow registered to be inaccessible glass before I stepped out only to find that it slid open moments after) and the best part was, a man who was entering (we were leaving the building) got through the door and thanked us for holding it open for him… He probably didn’t have his eyes on the sliding door too. =)




2 responses

19 09 2009

Lol!!what kind of future doctor drinks coke 3 times…

23 09 2009

With all these stress *coughs, exams, coughs*, I seriously doubt if I will even make my way through my 23rd birthday… Better drink all I can first. =) Who knows I may fail and JPA refuses to send me to India.

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