Preposterous Policies

23 07 2009

First it was the “U-turn” made by the highly delusional Ministry of Education (I’m beginning to doubt the judging abilities of our Deputy PM/ Minister of Education, Datuk Dr Muhyddin. *scowls*)

Now, as if the impact of the first blow on Malaysians was not explosive enough, comes the new ruling of banning local filmmakers from showing illegal racing, Mat Rempit activities and transvestites in their productions by the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry. Despite never to have been a fan of locally-made films (Sorry, I’m going to be honestly frank that Malaysia sememangnya kurang ‘boleh’ dalam pembikinan filem berstandard), my reaction was that of immense shock and ultimate disbelief. What good does banning immoral activities have in curbing Malaysians from breaking the law (or so they claim)?

I have a better suggestion. Block the internet then, idiots! (I’m gonna have to imitate Phua Chu Kang on this line. “Use your blain~!”) How is it possible that banning the shooting of immoral activities in films going to prevent Malaysian citizens from distancing themselves from being negatively influenced? Because as everyone has eyes to see, the movies are not the only source of media, dumbo!

What I am implying is that, people or humans can never be moulded into ‘good law-abiding citizens’ simply by “revolutionising” the contents of local films. It is a total joke, I say.

Plus, adopting the look-West policy (Sorry, Tun Dr M), do the liberal Hollywood productions, which include contents ranging from the ‘artistic’ to the ‘extreme’, influence their citizens to break the law, or wage epic wars between countries? Do their films get the fingers when there is a crime outbreak like *ahem* Malaysia does?

Hell, if you want to dig your own grave, by all means go ahead for all I care, but do not drag the already pitiful local film industry along for Christ’s sake!

By the way, one last rhetorical question, what’s wrong with having cross-dressing in films?




One response

7 08 2009

lol…i SO support cross-dressing!! hehe…one of my fav genres in mangas…keh keh…juz saying it for fun…

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