Lovin’ U, Hating MSU…

22 07 2009

17th July > Entering the second week of lectures, I find a few subjects highly unbearable… First off, is my ultimate enemy of all time, Chemistry. It seems like this subject is a crowd favourite back in high school… (Not for me, though) I always have difficulty memorizing formulas. Plus, I can never see “Chemistry” in my everyday life, though some say they see it while washing their clothes (detergent), cars (combustion of fuel) and blah, blah, blah…. Maybe I’m just Chem-blind, because too bad, I don’t. Next in the killer list is Mathematics, (which equals to what we call Additional Mathematics during schooldays. Duh.) and it sucks to the core. Or rather, I suck to the core. Why do we even need to learn such advanced Maths? (Ok. It isn’t really that advanced, just that some poor fellow here can’t seem to master the subject. I’m bad at anything which runs on the motto “Practice makes perfect”. Knowing how lazy I am, you should get the picture.)

Before I delve deeper into my views of life and the study environment here, allow me to scream my lungs out in typing. “SLOW DOWN!!!!” Damn, the lecturers seem to me like Energizer bunnies you watch on TV which simply won’t STOP. (Just imagine the bunnies in your head as your teacher and see if you can grasp anything it/he/she says.) Honestly, I miss life at school… Here, you can never find a teacher that takes you on a relaxing trip down his/her sweet memory lane, or one who shares with you knowledge beyond those in books, or tell jokes, or help you (indirectly) to increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. Mind me saying, the lecturers’ English is simply not up to standard, NOT a single soul.

My feelings right now can be expressed as: TRAPPED. Trapped in a pressure-cooker environment (classmates studying left, right and centre, EVERDAY, Man, I did not even study until 2 or 3 weeks before exams back in school. But hello, you are competing with JPA scholars by the pack here, dumbo!), trapped in a ridiculous hostel with no free Wi-fi (this is the ultimate straw. I can never understand why we as students, can’t enjoy free internet access, and have to resort to camping at the nearest McD outlet for this ‘priviledge’. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. By the way, the line at McD is extremely unstable to the point that you can’t even get connected for a nanosecond, which spells doom for me now because I was banging on McD for some connectivity at the very least.), trapped in a non-English-proficient environment (*grabs hair in desperation* Did I mention that one of my most favourable periods in school were during English lessons? Plus, I enjoy writing… No time for it now. Grrr!!)

Since young I have been properly educated by my mum, that ‘hate’ is a very strong word, and should be avoided even at extreme circumstances. (She thought me this when I was pretty young, about age 7, when I used it on my brother in an argument too petty or childish, I forgot which.) Therefore, I rarely use it on living things since then. I may dislike a particular person, but I never hate him or her. Hating is too extreme an emotion… I know it is hard to suppress our anger sometimes, but do remember, you never hate someone unless you want him or her dead (This is what I always keep in mind). So be extremely careful with your choice of words, and please don’t hurl insults at your loved ones, particularly your very own family… Learn to appreciate every moment, every hour, every minute, and every single gifted second that you still have with them. Cherish them while you can…please do…

Before I get all emotional once again, I better get back on track with the bashing that got me quite fuelled up with energy a couple of minutes ago. I HATE life here!!! (The self-banning of the usage of hate in my dictionary only applies for living organisms, remember? So I can HATE anything I want… =) I HATE taking A-Levels at MSU! I HATE the competition here! I HATE Chemistry! I DISLIKE one lecturer! (See. I never use the word ‘hate’ on a person despite having this roaring urge to. It’s courtesy to do so, I consoled myself…*winks*) Plus, the distance which now separates me from home is eating on me more by the day…

Allow me to list down the things I miss in Penang:

1. Internet connection
2. The ever-unreliable and shaky (but at least serves its purpose) elevator in my apartment. (Now I have no choice but to climb the dreaded stairs to my hostel at the second floor… Not that I am complaining but I just miss the convenience of having a lift directly in front of my door. Lazy pig =)
3. My freedom (Being around family members, I feel more liberated from the confines of the “social norm” and etiquette. I am free to do whatever I want, including some inappropriate habits which I am too embarrassed to spread freely in typing.) as well as walking alone around Pulau Tikus.
4. Driving the Kancil
5. The Penang Bridge and the ferry service *waves to capture Lim Guan Eng’s attention* *coughs* (On a side note, I want to take a peak at his lavishly renovated bungalow…)
6. Locking myself up in the small, but well-ventilated lavatory for hours at a time while reading with no one to come banging at my door, with the exception of my mum. She would ask to check that everything’s fine for fear I have constipated *grins sheepishly*, in which I would always reply loudly for her reassurance, “I’m perfectly o.k!” How I miss doing that…
7. Watching TV! (TVB dramas, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and any movies the bloody channels TV2, TV3, NTV7 and 8TV have to offer each night)
8. Weekly shopping with my family (as aforementioned)
9. PENANG FOOD!!!! (My personal chef, AMAH! I miss ‘loh bak’, ‘popiah’, ‘jiu hu char’, stir fried tauge, herbal chicken soup, fried egg with cheese in between, and tonnes more!) *salivating*

Above all, I miss the people there…




One response

7 08 2009

my current best subject now is apparently chemistry…haha…total opp from urs. my maths divided into two sections man..1 VERY advanced maths n d other 1 is da normal maths. n da topics in da syllabus ah r those chapters that i hated during form 5 dat time… haiz…. i can’t stop myself from sighing, going to grow old soon…lol.
u’re not lazy btw…haha…otherwise where can get straight As?
u like english ah? i don’t seem to enjoy bi as much as i used to bek in high skool. not dat i like it a lot in da first place…haha. wat’s with all da quotes man..have to insert them in d essay…torturing…boo hoo…
btw ur apartment/hostel don’t have wi fi connection ah? michelle they all have lo. sumore got astro…wat nice life…u don’t have a tv in ur hostel? u should try watching Ghost Adventure, NTV 7, 8.30pm…guarantee it’ll keep u awake at nite…hoho. Go get a broadband!! quite convenient…
u got start cooking on ur own d??
btw of all things to miss, Penang Bridge…

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