Plight of Clothing-Management

6 07 2009

4th July > Being a peanut who had no clue what hit it (cause I was pretty much blank about the constituents or anything, in fact, regarding to Cambridge A-Levels), I got quite a shock, or rather, traumatized by the lack of holidays I’ll be having. If there is one thing about me that you should know, above all things, I prioritize breaks a lot. Each miserable semester break will last for only one week. I mean, come on! I should expect two weeks at the very least.

Another huge blow that sent me sprawling is the ridiculous, rigid rule of no round-collared T-shirts for lectures. Now, why have I labelled it ridiculous? It is so because… JEANS are allowed. Jeans! The most informal wear among the lot! What blatant contradiction! These people are nuts. To quote an article I’ve read a few weeks ago, “Malaysian institutes and government in general pay heavy emphasis on all the wrong issues.” (Take note, strictly no round-collared T-shirts.) They should ban low-cut V-necks instead of the innocent round-collared ones. >_ <

5th July, (Sunday) My roommate has the luxury to go home! And so I was left alone. Since today is Sunday, and I need to replenish and repay my sleep debt, I took this precious opportunity to wake up late. =) With renewed energy coupled by an urge to be a little adventurous, I tagged along a group of flatmates and took a Rapid KL to Tesco Shah Alam. Shopping alone (metaphorically speaking) without my usual shopping-partners… (Hehe.. They know who they are.) feels extremely awkward. Ironic, that while I was surrounded by people, the feeling of loneliness stung me worse than ever. (Blame the concept of Tesco! It reminds me so much of the Tesco back in Penang…) How I miss the weekly shopping with them. From this day onwards, I swear never to complain about the routine-like choice of shopping place my grandma seems to have adopted and taken into practice rigidly (practically), which I (used to) dislike. Now freed from non-fail recurring Sunshine trips, I wish I could’ve been bound to those trips forever. It seems that one can never learn to appreciate something until it’s gone…

I hate myself for tearing again…

And all of a sudden, I received a DBSK news-filled SMS from my mum. JJ+YC duet (I first read ‘YC’ as ‘YH’…What a blunder! Ok, what’s the big deal anyway? Hey, I’m telling you, it makes a HUGE load of difference. Jae Joong should have a duet with Yunho instead of Yoochun!! Coz I’m YunJae-biased if you haven’t noticed.) And ‘Stand By U’ singles is doing so well in terms of sales! My jaw literally dropped at the news! Joy! After ecstatically replying to the message, she called…hehe. The message left me grinning like an idiot, and so thankfully, by the time we talked, my voice was controlled and showed no signs of having cried just minutes before…




4 responses

7 07 2009

hmm doesn’t come as a surprise to me regarding da short sem breaks…very packed le? life of a college student doesn’t come easy as they say (LIARS!! lol)
poor u n ur college’s dress least mine not “dat” strict yet…but they did still mentioned it…none of them follows though…
wow c? at least u’ve made some frens d…can get to explore kl some more..unlike me still stuck in penang…
out of curiosity, who r ur shopping partners? n lol so fast miss the shopping malls in penang d ah? kl’s shopping malls should’ve far surpassed ours eh…
hmm don’t cry man..think positive..u can do it..haha (looks like i can’t put much exclamation marks d haiz stupid keyboard! < argh so hard to press)…

12 07 2009

Lol! Luckily I’m now back at Pg and can access the internet (to read ur comments!) hehe..thank you.. but life here’s really hectic. We have to be prepared before attending lectures or we’ll be screwed (mentally).

Shopping partners? They are only temporary ones… Moreover it was only the first week when we have too much free time on our hands…I don’t think I have the time to go out shopping weekly now. >_< I seriously HATE life there. There r kiasu people that you won't get to see in SMK CPT.. Man, I'm so doomed.

12 07 2009

My ‘shopping partners’ in regards to my post are my father, mother, and grandma.. =)

14 07 2009

oo when did u come bek!? never tell me…sadness…haha
wah so fast ur college have sem break d ah? How come u can still ome bek??
Hmm kiasu ppl eh? quite normal la for ur course…Try defining ur kiasu…my course 1 hor, da ppl r SUPPOSE to be kiasu but then (haha) they’re too damn relaxed sometimes, so seldom c their competitive sides…
so, start d la ur lessons??
btw u noe rite, michelle, mei ting, joo xuan n clairissa all in da same hostel n college (?) i think…so good…

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