Not A Girl

6 07 2009

6th July > Living with girls under one roof for the very first time in my life, I was struck by how different I am from the rest of them. In terms of clothes, I am not even bothered (runs in my nature). In terms of shoes, it is better left unsaid. (No one has ‘boyish’ sport shoes like I do. Not a soul.) I don’t gossip, which is a good thing actually. Hmm.. let’s not talk about habits and skincare. In conclusion, I feel I will be better off born male instead.

Today, I am fortunately freed from the restrictions of my internet lacking hostel. My really, really kind brother agreed to take me to his apartment and allowed me to spend the night. Thanks to him, I can have all the access I want =) What bliss! Being a DBSK freak as I am, the first thing I did was not to search for their news, which is usually what I did back home (I’ll be saving that session for tomorrow), instead I MSN-ed my mum and dad. We chatted and if there is one thought I gained from our MSN session, it should be that conversations with parents should be delivered through the phone instead of typed. Nevertheless, it feels great being able to chat with them, rather than not being able to at all. *scowls at the thought of internet deprived MSU*




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7 07 2009

haha not a girl eh? dun worry soon u’ll get by ur roomates. Dun worry i’m da same as u r! i’m also wearing sports shoes though it’s actually more like sneakers to class every day! u’d be horrified at how some of my coursemates wear heels so high approx 6cm (i think) n can still walk without stumbling…wow i’m so amazed by them…
well, at least u still have a sibling in da same area as urs…if there’s problem can run to him…haha…but i noe u’re a sturdy girl can handle ur problems on ur own 1…tough CARROT!! haha…( ! < this mark is very hard to press on it..stupid keyboard..dunno what's stuck in there. can't seem to get it out)…

14 07 2009

Aiya my comment din get submitted to tis post ah? i thought i posted them…haha…

23 07 2009

Tada! It appeared!

16 07 2009

Just got ur link…
Agreed..MSU and SXI SUCKS!!!

16 07 2009

hmmm…how come i can’t see my comment?…

23 07 2009

That’s becoz I haven’t approved ur comment Barney!!

7 08 2009

lol…carrot now u have two ppl commenting on ur blog posts! hehe…

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