Alone Now

3 07 2009

2nd July > First of all, it is of course necessary to describe the hostel provided by The Management & Science University (which I will refer as MSU in further entries). Honestly, my first impression of the campus itself is horrible. Congested with cars, narrow lanes looking grime, highly commercialized (restaurants aplenty yet all offering similar types of food, several photostat shops along the same row…seems pointless to me=) No CIMB ATM, there is only a Bank Muamalat, which only God knows its existence. No offence meant. I have not done much intensive exploration, so let’s just move on to the hostel.

Located in Seksyen 3, MAIS, it takes about 15 minutes to get there by bus. Looks a bit unhygienic from the outside… I blame it on the many cafes and nasi kandar shops all along the ground floors. Man, I could almost slide across the floor.. just imagine the grease. Pushing that aside, the hostel’s interior isn’t as bad as I have expected. More apartment-based. 3 rooms and in my group’s case, 2 to a room, instead of 3. One thing that bugs me is the lack of Wi-fi, but I’m sure this is only temporary as there is a shop offering unlimited access subscription for RM30 per month. I would have expected free access on any hostel grounds… Too bad. One thing is for sure, life without internet sucks. Every student will know that.

Recently, I started a dream diary. No records lately due to nil dreams while sleeping in Shah Alam… I miss home. It feels awkward to have this thought, but to me, dreams I have at home are naturally more exciting and memorable, compared to those I have during hotel stays or camps.

3rd July > I’m typing this at MSU’s campus during our lunch break, just outside the library. Not feeling adventurous enough, I have yet to step into the library and have a try at the computers there. Connectivity from out here seems pretty slow. Not fast enough for DBSK pictures to load… *sobs*

Since the lunch break allowed still has a long way to go before it ends, I decided to switch locations to a much more preferable one, the air-conditioned waiting area linked to the theatre hall, and fortunately, I can plug and charge my notebook here. Less taxing on its battery and a cooler environment for the both of us as well. =P

With this notebook, I discovered that everywhere you go, within the campus of course, connectivity is bad, as in the maximum I can get is a 3-bar strength connection. It sucks, but at least it’s better than none. I hope the library, which I will visit someday, will be able to offer better than these weak, pathetic lines scattered all over the place. Yes, scattered. Many lines to opt from, but none that really works.

I guess that is about all, and then back into the hall for more boredom and a nice, cold environment, conducive enough to have a good snore.





4 responses

7 07 2009

lol i’m juz testing out…

7 07 2009

Okie…guess it works lol…u won’t mid if i comment rite? i’m kinda reading ur blog entries like a story book…hehe
lol u sound like me at some point…going to da library during lunch break…hmm at least u can bring ur laptop 2 da campus on a regular basis..mine’s too heavy, don’t have dat much energy to heave it around everywhere…
hmm those photostat shops might come in handy sometimes u noe…to photostat additional notes in da future…
n lol u’re crying cos of ur dbsk…n WELCOME TO MY LIFE by maroon 5 (?) (sorry my knowledge on da music industry is still sorely lacking)..haha now u noe how suffering it is without internet…lol

12 07 2009

I feel like dying here… no joke, man…

7 08 2009

u won’t die la…my trials is juz a week ahead only T_T…i should be da 1 dying…jk jk…both of us r still young… 😉

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