First. Feeling… Fine.

23 06 2009

Since this is my very first post, I’ll keep it as brief as possible. Reason: I have basically nothing much to say just yet. And also, I doubt anyone is going to read it anyway.

I started this blog after some serious contemplating while I was lying on my bed, dreading the day that I would leave my home and my family. First time “migrating” to a couple of states away, I find it funny sometimes that the thought of it alone is simply sickening. Almost everyone, I reasoned, must have gone through this, so logically, it isn’t such a big deal, but emotion-wise, I just can’t help wishing I needn’t part with them. So here I am, starting a phantom wordpress-diary… Know why?

Type “epicodes collide” in the Google searchbar and I bet you won’t be directed here. You’ll get a whole bunch of nonsense, and a very helpful, [did you mean: episodes collide?] that will take you somewhere far, far away… To me, this blog is as good as a phantom. More junk swimming and consuming space in the internet now thanks to me huh? Maybe some time later, as time goes by, will you be able to search “epicodes collide” in Google. =P

Epicodes is not a word, but a fusion of two, both of which I like the feel of. First being “epic” followed by “codes”. So, it should have been ‘epic codes collide’. Cool eh? Merge the two ‘c’s together and you get something which looks and sounds like ‘episodes’. Episodes (epic codes) of a normal human being living a perfectly normal life in a completely normal world…will begin now.




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